Boski's UV-C light Rapid Air Sanitizer creates safer and healthier spaces for close proximity human interaction in real time.


Problem #1: When wearing a mask is mandatory, the risk of contracting an airborne virus remains.

Our Solution: Boski can be leveraged as an added layer of protection against the risk of contracting an airborne virus. Applications are numerous in higher education, K-12, hospitality, retailoffices and more.

Problem #2: 6-ft social distancing & wearing a mask are not always possible, even with the new norms.

Our Solution: Boski creates safer air space when wearing a mask is not possible, such as when dining indoors at a restaurant. ​


The Difference

  • Simply unbox, plug into a standard outlet, and switch the device on

  • Virtually no air sanitation lag time in close proximities

  • Strong enough to sanitize larger air spaces

  • Low noise, simple operation and safe

  • Exclusive focus on killing viruses – third party lab tested

  • Low cost per unit and highly scalable

Customer Testimonials

Near 1,000 unit deployment across a university campus.
Proven technology, price point, ease of use and safety....

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