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About Us

We are on a mission to help people do the things they love – and feel safe doing them.

Our Commitment to You

Whether it’s going to school or work, shopping or eating out, people deserve to feel safe. At Boski, we are technology-forward but people-first. Founded by Hooman Banaei, a PhD scientist in electrical engineering, Boski has created advanced technology, based on UV-C light. Our technology is designed to get you back to life, quietly cleaning all of the invisible airborne droplets people naturally inhale and exhale, to reduce the threat of airborne viruses transmission.


The Boski Team,

Boski Headquarters, Orlando, FL

Our values

At Boski, our values drive our thinking, our words and actions. We believe that everything of significance starts with conviction. Conviction combined with ability leads to groundbreaking outcomes.


We care for the health and safety of mankind and relish the opportunity to add value to the lives of those within our country and around the world.

We're serious about 

Our technology is backed by science and is proven to be highly effective. As time goes on we will continue to test, validate and improve so that we are recognized as a global authority in our arena.


We believe that innovation is what creates better solutions to the problems that humans face. We are driven by the hope, well-being and quality of life our technology will bring to people around the world.

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