Boski's UV-C light Rapid Air Sanitizer

creates safer spaces

for close proximity human interaction in real time.


Problem #1: 6-ft social distancing & wearing a mask are not always possible, even with the new norms.

Our Solution: Boski creates safer air space when wearing a mask is not possible, such as when dining indoors at a restaurant. ​

Problem #2: When wearing a mask is mandatory, the risk of contracting an airborne virus remains.

Our Solution: Boski can be leveraged as an added layer of protection against the risk of contracting an airborne virus. Applications are numerous in higher education, K-12, retail, grocery, office buildings, doctor's offices and more.


The Difference

With Boski, there is virtually no lag time between air contamination and air sanitation. Our focus is creating safer and healthier air within close proximity human interaction, real time.

Boski units provide air sanitation over larger areas of space as well due to the CFM of the fan within our device.   

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