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Retail and Grocery Environments

Retailers of all sizes and kinds are being required to institute different health, safety and social distancing measures in-store. Whether requiring customers to keep 6' distances from each other while waiting in line, requiring or suggesting face masks or installing plexiglass shields, the in-store retail experience has changed. 

Plexiglass shields have been a logical way to combat the transmission of airborne viruses and pathogens in close proximity, however there are some drawbacks:

  1. The cost of plexiglass material has risen substantially. 

  2. Depending on where it is installed, labor cost to configure the plexiglass and provide a professional installation ads to bill.

  3. Plexiglass creates a less personalized method of interaction between retail workers and customers. 

Like restaurants, significant business constraints are created for retailers who can not maximize the customer traffic and experience within their stores. Boski is helping create safer points of close human interaction through rapid airborne sanitation, leveraging effective UV-C light technology.

Retail and Grocery Applications


Boski can help your retail store(s) create safer personal spaces an incent in-store shopping via the following applications:

  • Check out stations

    • Create more personalized customer experiences with Boski rapid airborne sanitation units

  • Customer service counters

    • Add an extra layer of protection when interacting with customers at customer service areas

  • Employee break rooms

    • Strategically place Boski units at areas in employee break rooms where close proximity interaction (tables, counter-tops etc.) is common. 

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