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Restaurants impacts of COVID-19

The restaurant industry has been rocked by Covid-19. The pandemic has created fear in the minds of consumers as well as restaurant workers, that will likely remain for years to come. 

Numerous health and safety measures have been put in place to help restaurants get back to normal as we once knew it, including:

  • Indoor seating at 50% capacity

  • Additional surface sanitizing measures

  • More financing options to help with cash flow

Many restaurant owners and operators would argue that it is hard enough to be profitable at 100% capacity, let alone 50% seating capacity. Boski units are designed to help restaurants get back to 100% seating capacity through the use of our rapid air sanitation units. 

Whether your restaurant is in the Casual Dining, Fast Casual, Fine Dining or Quick-Serve arena, Boski has you covered. 

Restaurant Applications


Boski is uniquely positioned to help restaurant owners and operators get back to 100% seating capacity as soon as possible. Core applications of our technology include:

  • Dining Tables

    • Wearing a mask isn't possible while eating. Boski units create safe air spaces at / around dining tables to help patrons relax and enjoy the dining experience.

  • Waiting Areas

    • At check in or at waiting areas, Boski units create safer personal spaces through rapid and continual sanitation of surrounding air. 

  • Condiment Stations

    • Patrons can rely on Boski for continual air sanitation at condiment stations where 2 or more people may be gathered for brief periods of time.

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