Boski UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer (White) + External Battery

Power Boski units anywhere that outlets are not available.


Boski's UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer utilizes the anti-bacterial and anti-viral strength of high-energy UV-C Light at a 254 nanometer wavelength which is within the most effective and lethal wavelength range for viruses and bacteria. Boski units do not have any direct UV-C exposure to humans, rendering it 100% safe for close proximity use.


Boski's UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer pulls in air and droplets from one's breathing or speaking, attacks viruses and pathogens at the building-block gene level. Safer and healthier air is efficiently delivered through the bottom of the unit.


The battery shown above is a representative option for demonstration purpose only. The actual battery make/model and size may vary based on battery life time and availability.

Boski UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer (White) + External Battery

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