Boski UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer (Silver)

Boski's UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer utilizes the anti-bacterial and anti-viral strength of high-energy UV-C Light. Boski's UV-C technology is consistent at 254 nm, which is within the most effective and lethal wavelength range for inactivating viruses at the DNA level. Our device is 3rd party lab tested in compliance with the FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as defined in 21 CFR, Part 58 (official test reports are available by request).   

Boski's UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer pulls in air and droplets from one's breathing or speaking, and attacks viruses at the building-block gene level, efficiently delivering clean and treated air from the bottom of the unit.  

Boski UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizer (Silver)

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