Core Industry Applications

Boski is currently bringing our technology to numerous commercial industries to help businesses and organizations create safer environments for staff, students, customers and visitors. Industry applications include:

  • Education: Schools can utilize Boski to create safer dorms, classrooms, offices, cafeterias and any other location where students, staff or visitors gather in place for brief or extended periods of time. 

  • Offices: Businesses owners and health practitioners can utilize Boski to create safer common areas, waiting areas, check-in stations as well as work stations.


  • Restaurants: Casual Dining, Fast Casual, Fine Dining and Quick-Serve Restaurants can all benefit from Boski's technology to help maximize indoor seating capacity and safety. 

Retail and Grocery: Retailers can leverage Boski technology to create safer spaces at close proximity points of contact, such as at checkout lanes or customer service counters.


Hospitality : Resorts, Casinos and Hotels can provide safer indoor air for staff, visitors and guests in virtually any location where people gather in close or relatively close proximity. 

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