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Colleges and Universities

America's higher education institutions are in the midst of adjusting to Covid-19's impacts. While some schools have opened entirely, others are adhering to remote learning as additional health and safety procedures are put in place on campus. While there is currently no silver-bullet for Covid-19, nor the spread of other airborne viruses, Boski provides a unique and cost-effective compliment to measures that Facilities, Operations and Safety leaders are putting in place on campus. 

Boski devices are table-top, small in size and are light weight, making them a simple and scalable addition to any schools health & safety protocols. Whether placing units in dorm rooms to reduce any airborne virus loads, in music rooms, health centers, study areas or more, Boski provides an added layer of protection at a cost that makes it feasible for any school's budget. 

Take a look at the short 30 second video above outlining core applications on campus. For small volume orders, visit our Shop page via the button below or in the menu bar to get Boski units delivered and in place on your college or university campus. 


Higher Education Applications

Colleges and universities are leveraging Boski to create safer spaces within the following applications:

  • Dorm Rooms and Residence Halls

  • Music / Choir Rooms

  • Health Centers and Examination Rooms

  • Libraries

  • Study Areas

  • Classrooms

  • Dining halls

  • More...

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