K-12 Environments

K-12 schools are in an integral part of the strength of local communities. At the top of the priority list for any school is personal safety. In a post-Covid19 world, it is no surprise that heightened measures of health and safety are being implemented to keep students, staff and visitors as safe as possible.


Boski's UV-C rapid air sanitation units can add value and extra assurance to any school's health and safety practices. In instances where 2 or more people are gathered within 6' of each other, for short or extended periods of time, Boski units can be positioned to provide extra protection against harmful and contagious airborne viruses and pathogens.  

While new studies are coming out regularly, a recent study published in Physics of Fluids notes that "face coverings alone do not prevent droplets of fluid that are projected by a cough, a discovery the researchers called 'alarming." Boski adds an additional layer of protection against harmful airborne contaminants, leveraging UV-C light technology at a 254 nanometer wavelength, well within the most lethal range for killing viruses and pathogens in rapid fashion. 

K-12 Applications


K-12 schools can leverage Boski to create safer spaces within the following applications:

  • Waiting areas 

  • Check in counters

  • Medical rooms 

  • Break rooms 

  • Class rooms

  • Music rooms

  • Offices

  • Cafeterias

  • More...

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