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Lodging, Resort and Casino industries have felt the impacts of COVID-19 as much as any. Consumer and employee fears of contracting an airborne virus indoors have impacted travel plans, vacations and industry employment. While the measures to combat airborne virus transmission are not exclusive to a single risk mitigation tactic, Boski fills a prevalent gap relative to the treatment of indoor air. 

Customers, employees and visitors can have extra assurance that the air they are breathing is safer and healthier when Boski's devices are in the building. Whether placed on a casino floor, at a hotel check in counter, in bar & restaurant areas, conference rooms and more, Boski is proven to reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission. 

Hospitality Applications


Hotels, Motels, Resorts and Casino's can leverage Boski to create safer spaces within the following applications:

  • Check in counters / waiting areas

  • Onsite restaurants and bars

  • Fitness centers

  • Casino floors and private rooms

  • Conference rooms

  • Offices

  • Guest Rooms

  • More...

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