University of Colorado Denver

“We purchased Boski UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizers as a way to increase safety for our students and staff that were in on-campus labs. It was one more thing we could do to make student and staff health our top priority.”

James Salmen, M.S.

Lab Manager/Director of Facilities

Department of Integrative Biology

University of Colorado Denver

Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University has placed early 1,000 Boski UV-C Rapid Air Sanitizers across campus, for use in dorm rooms, music centers and office environments. Take a look at the video case study below of Chris Bailey, Director of Facilities Management with Susquehanna. Watch the entire ~6 minute video or skip to different sections by selecting any of the video segments below:

TopTalent Staffing

"Prior to hearing about Boski, we invested in the cleaning of our HVAC units, but weren’t aware of the different ways airborne viruses could be treated. The fact that Boski’s device focuses on killing viruses, is third-party tested, easy to use, safe and is offered at a good price point, made it an obvious choice for TopTalent. These devices give comfort for our staff and visitors knowing that added measures of safety are in place."

Cindy Loman
Business Director
TopTalent Staffing

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